I first met Erica the summer of 2013, we weren't friends until we ended up at the same school 13 hours away from where we both lived. But hey, we were meant to be! She's one of the coolest, most relatable people I've ever met. She's top notch. One of my husband's best friends was Kyle and I'm not going to say we are match makers - but we totally had a huge hand in this one.

*pats myself on the back*

In the time I've known Erica, she's been through a lot. She's truly had a complicated and sometimes exhausting life. 

I've never, never seen her happy like this. Kyle makes her so happy. When you look at these pictures, you'll see it. Her smile is so pure and not one bit "put on for the camera." She's happy with Kyle and it makes me so so happy for her.

Kyle - Sorry this post is all about Erica.. but hey, you get it.