hey there,

I'm Alexandria. I take pictures of people who are in love big time. You can find me on my computer editing pictures on half of the screen, and streaming The Office on the the other half. My husband is the best thing that's ever happened to me and he often times attends weddings with me as a second shooter (when he's not off changing the world.) We met in Atlanta, moved to Dallas, and now we've landed in St. Louis! We travel just about everywhere for weddings, and we love that! We have a beagle-husky mix dog child and I love him so much it hurts my bones!

I started wedding photography in 2015 with my husband (boyfriend at the time), Jesse. He (and youtube) taught me basically everything I know when it comes to photography. Since then we have shot several weddings together and we learn so much each time. We would love to grab some coffee with you and here all about the things you love! Let's make that happen!

I'm alex

My dog, Kevin
My Husband, Jesse


my boys!